Library “F. A. Ferretti -V. Brocco”

The Municipal Library contains more than 12,000 volumes and pamphlets, all inventoried by author and subject, to which innumerable magazines and periodicals must be added. It is divided into two sections: general and Marche. The general section, which in the oldest part includes 32 books, has a juridical, theological, literary, narrative and above all historical importance. The staff in charge of the loan and reference services offer their availability to users for bibliographic searches by consulting the online catalogues of the main and most prestigious national and foreign libraries.


Nome della tabella
Address Via Roma, 54
Phone Tourist Office +39 335.5329539
Orario Wed.and Fri.: 16.00-19.00; Sat.: 9.30-12.30
Volumes n. 12000
Periodicals n. 150
Manuscripts n. 800
Incunaboli n. 5
Edition of the '500 n. 32

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