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Its history began in 1910 when the Caradonna & Bettucci company, which took over the bus service of Mogliano, Pausola and Macerata, asked the municipality of Mogliano for authorization to build an autopalace.
Only in 1912, precisely with a resolution of 1 March, the City Council authorized its construction and sold, reserving in the event of cessation of the activity, priority over the purchase of the property, the area and the sum of two thousand five hundred lire.
It also requires the company to grant a postal service for which it undertakes to pay the sum of four thousand lire annually.
The garage was built by the Giuseppe Salsiccia company, based on the design of the engineer Gaetano Caradonna. With a rectangular plan with a part carved into the walls of the fortress, has a length of fifteen meters and a width of four and a half meters. Entirely made of bricks plastered with polished cement left natural, it consists of two floors. The lower one, longer, used as a garage for bus, with a wide opening, suitable for vehicles, on both sides. The smaller upper floor, intended for office use, is flanked by two practicable terraces.
The garage is not an isolated element: with the most illustrious one in Macerata (by Cantalamessa), in Corridonia and in Macina di Mogliano (both by Caradonna), they attest to the birth and development of one of the first public transport lines in the Macerata area managed company SIAMP, then SIAMC. Today it is used as a room for meetings and public meetings.



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