Church of the SS. Crocifisso d ‘Ete

It is located at the crossroads for Montegiorgio and Francavilla d’Ete, lapped by the river Ete Morto.

Building has started on 11 November 1579 the first stone was placed from the Bishop of Fermo Msgr. Pinelli, who chose the location. The government and the administration were attributed, with bull of Pope Gregory XIII, to the brotherhood of the SS. Sacramento, which still holds them.

The Church of the SS. Crocifisso d´Ete di Mogliano rises in Mogliano territory, at the crossroads for Montegiorgio and Francavilla d´Ete, lapped by the Ete Morto stream. The first stone was set on 11 November 1579 by the bishop of Fermo Mons. Pinelli, who chose its location on a crumbling miraculous event. The government and the administration were attributed, with the papal bull Gregory XIII, to the confraternity of the SS. Sacramento, which still preserves them. 
Today it is known as the Church of Santa Croce, because in the first half of the eighteenth century, Marcelli kept a precious relic of the Cross of Christ in it, bringing it from Rome. The discovery of the sacred wood should have been made by the Empress Sant ‘Elena on 3 May 326, during a trip to the Holy Land. The plan of the Church, with a single nave and a barrel vault of exposed bricks, which unloads its weight on the walls through ten peduncles, takes the form of a Latin cross for the opening of two side chapels at the height of the transept. In the middle of the transept rises a Doric renaissance temple in Muscat stone with a square base and an octagonal upper floor, closed by a flower head with a window lightened drum. 

The temple recalls that of the Holy House of Loreto. Outside the temple the following scenes are depicted: Christ praying in the olive grove, the scourging and Jesus falling under the Cross. 

In the inner part instead, we find the fresco dating back to the XIV century. depicting the Eternal Father supporting the Crucified Son. Still inside, the 1594 paintings by Pier Francesco Renolfi from Novara stand out: on the left, Saints Martino, Biagio and Lucia and on the right one depicting the Holy Family and Saint John the Baptist. In the upper internal part of the temple, we can see the Eternal Father surrounded by four Prophets and four Sibyls. It is tradition and belief to place the hand on the back marble of the wall, where the “Flagellation” is depicted, to detect from the exudation of the marble, the arrival of a providential rain for the harvest. 
To define the lower external area, a classic trabeation crowned by architraves, within which develops a round arch, implanted on Doric columns. The Church of the SS. Crocifisso d’Ete still exerts a special charm on the inhabitants of Mogliano and its surroundings.  

The main appointment is for the feast of the Holy Cross on May 3rd. In addition to the liturgical celebrations and the fair, it is the appointment for the traditional snack on the lawns.

Chiesa del SS. Crocifisso d'Ete


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