Church of S. Grisogono

This territory in the Middle Ages consisted of the castles of Mogliano: the current historic center; Monte Ansone, near the district called Madonna della Neve; Poggio Santa Lucia, in the homonymous districts, and finally Montechiaro where there is the church of San Crisogono, from which the locality still takes its name today.
In the year 1097 it was donated by the counts Giberto, Trasmondo and Berardo, sons of Ismidone, to the abbey of S. Maria di Piobbico near Sarnano.
A privilege of Innocent IV of January 29, 1252 confirms the ownership of some Moglianese assets to the abbot of Piobbico, including our church. In 1299 the Abbot of Piobbico confirmed the rectors appointed by Ezzelino son of Count Gualtiero, who resided in Montechiaro as deduced in a document from the Curia of Fermo concerning the collection of tithes.
In the period of the struggles between the Papacy and the Empire, the Lords of Mogliano were loyal to one or the other faction. Several times they came into conflict with Fermo and ended up fighting bitterly: Mogliano was occupied by the Fermani and Montechiaro destroyed. We are at the time of Ezzelino da Mogliano, grandson of the more famous Fildesmido. The inhabitants of Montechiaro moved to the nearby castle of Mogliano which is safer because it is well fortified where, around 1323, they built the houses and, in all probability, the destroyed church of San Crisogono in the eastern district.
In 1631 a community of Benedictine nuns built their convent in the vicinity of the church, usurping its use to the parish priests, to the point that the Bishop of Fermo was forced to force the nuns to rebuild, in the ancient rural hamlet, the church for them. expenses. This happened in 1733.

The painting on the main altar depicts the Virgin, with her Child, sitting on a throne of clouds. Bottom left with the red cloak San Crisogono, patron saint of the ancient castle. He is represented with his gaze towards the Madonna, whose protection he invokes on Montechiaro, which he indicates with his left hand, while with his right he touches his chest. Since the tenth century he has been venerated in this district since the ancient castle existed; devotion to this Nordic saint is certainly due to the descent of the Lombards who had the Duchy of Spoleto of which Mogliano was a part, at least until 705. The other saint depicted in the painting is San Vito, accompanied by the dog, and protector from anger. The chapel of the Madonna della Misericordia was built in 1870 for the munificence of Don Giuseppe Minnucci who donated the painting and the stucco and wood ornaments, gilded by Domenico Guidaroli and Nicola Alessandrini of Monte Giorgio. It was finished in 1894.


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