Church of St. Maria di Bagliano

The church of Santa Maria di Bagliano is located near the road to Massa Fermana and contains inside a fresco attributed to the school of the Venetian painter Carlo Crivelli where the Madonna enthroned with the Child is painted.
It was built in 1546 as it is written in some bricks placed on the facade, above the entrance door. It seems that previously existed in its place a votive shrine.
From 1608 it belonged to the brotherhood of the Concezione whose members, who celebrated the functions in the church of Santa Maria di Piazza, wore a white sack to which a white cape was added in 1783. In the coat of arms they bore the image of the owner.
We know that the altar was inaugurated in 1625 and Giuliano Bresciani established a benefit there and restored it in 1642.
The building has a sort of aedicule in the main altar with frescoes from the 15th-16th centuries, part of the Caldarolese area.
In the painting inside you can see the saints Giuseppe and Sebastiano and a woman to the left of the Madonna carrying the model of the castle and fortress of Mogliano in her hand.



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