Palazzo Forti

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Almost at the end of Via Roma, the street that runs through the old town and that you enter in the main square, Piazza Garibaldi,  there is the most important building of Mogliano, now used as town hall: Palazzo Forti. 
Designed in the end of the sixteenth century as economically autonomous structure, as well as the home of the rich and noble family Forti, has three floors above street level and two below, reachable by road Carelli.

On the ground floor, the main hall is used for meetings of the City Council and shows a ceiling with a wooden roof with a Murano glass chandelier in the center. On the walls oil paintings and wall paintings of various origins. Going up to the main floor you enter the Hall which currently houses the portraits of illustrious and worthy Moglianesi.
Then you go through the beautiful halls and you are attracted by the splendid wooden coffered ceilings decorated around the middle of the eighteenth century. 

A small room is interesting, halfway between the first and second floor, built inside a Pompeian-style tower and frescoed, once the study of the Lords gentlemen. Going up to the second floor we find the historical archive and the library with numerous volumes and manuscripts, in an elegant and recently renovated environment. 

Finally we can find the basements of the building with arches and original vaults, where once there were warehouses and pantries, an oven, a well, an olive press for olives and a vegetable garden; in short, the building had an economically autonomous structure, used by the colonists and the servants of the family Forti.

Palazzo Forti


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Address Via Roma, 54
Construction Century XVI - XVII

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