Sanctuary of the SS. Crocifisso

Here is venerated an image depicting ‘Crucified Christ that rises from the grave’ fresco at the end of 1400. Following a miraculous event that happened in the year 1809, the church, rebuilt in elegant neoclassical design by G. Lucatelli, was declared sanctuary by the Viceroy of Italy.

Near a public fountain there was a small aedicule in which an Image of Christ was erected on the wall, rising from a sepulcher, with two angels at the sides supporting some instruments of passion. On the same a church was built that was opened for worship in 1641 on the occasion of the feast of the Ascension, and it was possible to obtain for this solemnity the plenary indulgence, granted by Pope Innocent X; for the occasion in the adjacent fields a small market took place. In 1807 the small bell tower collapsed and the ancient bell was broken.
The Brotherhood then decided to demolish the church and transfer the fresco to the church of S. Maria di Piazza, but the population, still devoted to the S. Image, rose and stopped the work. Waiting for new decisions, the painting was momentarily protected from the weather with a cloth nailed to the wooden planks of the frame. 
On Friday 9 June 1809, at 9 pm, two shepherds saw themselves untwisting the cloth that covered the image of the Holy One. Crucifix. The news of the event, considered miraculous, spread rapidly and the rush of devotees grew out of all proportion and the graces that were dispensed grew even more. Following the miraculous events it was decided to build a sanctuary around the piece of wall with the Holy Image. 
The project was entrusted to the Moglianese painter and architect Giuseppe Lucatelli and work began in the spring of 1812 and ended on September 14, 1813. Lucatelli also created six oil paintings depicting the Virgin of Sorrows, St. John the Apostle and four Angels with symbols of passion that are found along the walls of the sanctuary. In the last two centuries there have been moments of greater or lesser influx, but the devotion to the Crucifix of Mogliano has never failed.



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